Full Name:
Alternative Names:
LQT4, FLJ38277, DKFZp686P0948, DKFZp686M09125, Ankyrin-B
Attaches integral membrane proteins to cytoskeletal elements. Also binds to cytoskeletal proteins. Required for coordinate assembly of Na/Ca exchanger, Na/K ATPase and InsP3 receptor at sarcoplasmic reticulum sites in cardiomyocytes. Required for the coordinated expression of the Na/K ATPase, Na/Ca exchanger and beta-2-spectrin (SPTBN1) in the inner segment of rod photoreceptors. Required for expression and targeting of SPTBN1 in neonatal cardiomyocytes and for the regulation of neonatal cardiomyocyte contraction rate.
Death Domain Subfamily & Boundary Region:
  • DD : 3536-3620 Seq
Species External DB Questionmark
Human Seq Q01484external db link DIP-37425Nexternal db link Q01484external db link hsa:287external db link Q01484external db link MINT-254984external db link
Mouse Seq Q8C8R3external db link Q8C8R3external db link mmu:109676external db link Q8C8R3external db link
Rat Seq F1LM42external db link
Dog Seq F1P6P1external db link
Structure Species Residue Method Expression Purification Column Final condition Final concentration Reference
4D8O Download Human 966-3620 X-ray E.coli Gel filtration 22411828
Disease Mutation in disease Reference
Cardiac arrhythmia E1425G 12571597
Cardiac arrhythmia T1626N, L1622I, R1788W, E1813K 15178757
Question There is no death-domain PPI with ANK2 in Death Domain DD subfamily.