DR6 (DD)

Full Name:
Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 21
Alternative Names:
BM-018, MGC31965, TNFRSF21
May activate NF-kappa-B and promote apoptosis. May activate JNK and be involved in T-cell differentiation. Required for both normal cell body death and axonal pruning. Trophic-factor deprivation triggers the cleavage of surface APP by beta-secretase to release sAPP-beta which is further cleaved to release an N-terminal fragment of APP (N-APP). N-APP binds TNFRSF21 triggering caspase activation and degeneration of both neuronal cell bodies (via caspase-3) and axons (via caspase-6).
Death Domain Subfamily & Boundary Region:
  • DD : 415-498 Seq
Species External DB Questionmark
Human Seq O75509external db link DIP-53299Nexternal db link O75509external db link hsa:27242external db link O75509external db link
Mouse Seq Q9EPU5external db link Q9EPU5external db link mmu:94185external db link
Rat Seq D3ZF92external db link rno:316256external db link
Dog Seq F1PUV8external db link
Zebra fish Seq A5D8S6external db link dre:564874external db link
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In vivo interaction
Overexpression DD1 DD2 Reference
Family DD1 DD2 Method Species Region Species Region
DD DR6 Link TRADD Co-immunoprecipitation HEK293 Not specified 42-655 Not specified Not specified 9714541
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